Starwars roleplaying guild on the rp-pvp server, Lord Calypho.
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 About us:

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PostSubject: About us:    Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:34 am

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Strikeforce Archon

Hello and thank you for opening this thread. Do take a moment to read through this informative post regarding the guild and what to expect from either roleplaying with us or joining our ranks.

Who are we?

We are a roleplaying guild residing on the Lord Calypho RP-PVP server. We have launched the guild during the early access period, consisting out of a handful of players coming from a solid roleplaying community from World of Warcraft. With this, we are glad to be able to say we can provide good communication, friendly atmosphere and a healthy amount of initiative from several people, members and officers alike.

What do we do?

We work around obtaining and granting interesting role-play based on the militaristic concept of the Star Wars universe, combined with politics and Sith intrigues. By bringing something new and unique to the very fresh and fragile server lore, we tackle the challenge to be amongst the first to initiate and construct a solid, coordinating society. When being with us, you can expect being a part of both scripted roleplaying events as well as the possible RP-PvP encounters surrounded by a friendly and helpful entourage.

What can you expect from us?

I will split this question into two simple sections. They'll be short and rather easy and straightforward.

Out of Character:
- We offer a wide possibility to vent your own creativity without specific restrictions other than the military concept the guild is founded on.
- A solid and single minded officer team working tirelessly to make your experience as pleasant as possible. (Keep in mind, we're only human.)
- Social contact through several OOC channels, guild chats and even possibly Skype contact should you personally wish so.
- Friendly and fun OOC actions, such as Flashpoints, Warzones with a few people, all you need to do is ask.

In Character:
- Character growth through both training and actual events.
- Contacts and intriguing tasks, thrilling missions; Both individual, guild wide, server wide.
- Interweaving plotlines, revelations, secrets, Empire Etiquette, Imperial political and war agendas and last but not least.. The unofficial agenda of the Three hundred and third Strikeforce Archon.
- A true, as realistic as possible militaristic experience.

What do we expect from you?

Couple of things we would expect from those wishing to join us:
- Take initiative and generate your own RP. We will not spoonfeed RP continuously.
- Be patient. We try to grant all of our members spotlight moments.
- Be active. We don't need you to be online every day, every hour. Though do not be a ghost. Log on, be there, talk, chat, RP.
- Check forums. I know not everyone is a forum person, though checking every so often does not hurt and is vital to roleplay.
- Make sure your character fits the concept. (Ex. Don't try to get in as a 7 year old child or a moisture farmer needing a delivery.)

What are we looking for?

Militaristic characters, preferably non-Force sensitive such as;
Mercenaries, Agents, Troopers, Melee specialists(Sith class with vibroblades.), Demolitionists, etc...

Sith characters: We don’t have a specific desire of what kind of Sith you are. Only in the means of personality, the Sith in question needs to be able to follow the rules laid upon him or her by the Strikeforce.

Random characters such as: Medics, lab rats, researchers. This can easily be a side asset to either of the above as well.

We are looking to hold a presence in the community which can be counted on for punctuality, maturity and coherent role-play.


Then feel free to visit and apply through our forum. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Contact any of the following names through in-game messaging or mailing:

We thank you for taking the time to read our post and hope to hear from you soon.
The Strikeforce Archon team.

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PostSubject: Re: About us:    Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:21 pm

//This post and its following story are not at all official. There is no files on this, no people outside of the Archon with this knowledge access able to you. //

The Unofficial Story of the Three hundred and third Strikeforce Archon..

For a year now, the three hundred and third Strikeforce Archon have served the Dark Council on their whims, been sent out to missions to battle the Republic, battle alongside other military forces, aiding Sith in need of their protection… But lately they have begun building a solid wide connection net. With the cover of Lor’sharia member of the Imperial Diplomatic Service they have started up political meetings, war meetings, all seemingly in the favour of the Empire. And it is.. But why would they do this?

They have started up alliances, headed out to the places such as Balmorra to battle the common enemy of the Empire, seeming intent to both part take and work hard to reclaim and claim more planets, land, stations for the Empire.

But now and then the Archons’ crew heads out, for no official reason. Leaving little no traces of where they are going. Many have already questioned their crew of the strange mutual respect and friendly almost familiar behavior the crew displays towards one another.
Every action have its reason.. And like with most things, most people, most missions… There are more to this Strikeforce than what can be seen with the keenest of eyes.

The story about to be told, is only known by those most trusted among the Strikeforce, unknown to their lower ranked crew members, only revealed to those absent of disloyalty, sworn to follow the oath made, years before the Archon became official..

But bear with me.. For this unofficial story… Is far from done… Perhaps it never will be.

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PostSubject: Re: About us:    Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:27 pm

“It is only when we fall that we learn to rise to new heights.”
- Unknown, Operation Underworld

“Sharing pride gives birth to new power... Now fall in or get left behind!”

- Lieutenant Nathaniël Viendral

And so the true story behind the Archon begins…


Eight were sent out. Chosen by the council to work together to reach a certain item.. Eight of them, that would have caused sparks. They each had a unique ability. Something that has aided them through the years, something that has aided them in becoming Sith. Their trials passed, their powers desired by others. They were not revered amongst the world of the Sith... They were targets, and yet no-one has touched them.
Taris, is where they were to head. An infected husk of a planet filled with an affinity for hiding secrets no-one wants to find, a dump for failed experiments. A wasteland with more dangers then then tombs of Korriban themselves.
It was in silence that they left, holding their thoughts, goals and distrust to themselves. The instructions were clear as would be the price of failure.

Their search brought them deep into ruined territory on the planet’s surface and it became clear rather quickly as to why they were selected as a group. Rogue droids, rebels, even local alien races decided to get in the way of their search. Intruders, they were called, but to no avail. The longer they survived, the more atoned they became to each others skills and the easier their enemies were struck down until finally, deep through the ruined and dark sewer systems, they found the first gate they needed.
Confident their time on the planet would not take long, they stepped forth only to be met by the harsh truth that their troubles only started.
Three steps, was all it took before the door slammed shut and a cage dropped upon the eight. They were trapped. Their abilities did not aid against the cage. Stuck in darkness with only the faint skittering and shuffling deep in the vast underground network.

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PostSubject: Re: About us:    Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:30 pm

The Distress Signal

The war on Balmorra did not loosen up. Explosions in the background, ships and debris crashing upon the planets surface. “Medic!” was the word spoken the most, only to be drowned out by the continuous commands of their superiors.
The 78th Infantry was pushing and the rebels did not stand much of a chance anymore. After what were months of combat, they had it, at long last. The old droid factory would be secured. A factory which would be used as a stronghold. A stronghold which would further advance the Empire on the Balmorran surface.
Bolts whizzing past ears. Men dropping in front of them as well as next to them though relentlessly, they pushed.

“Quick shot, cover the right flank! Take Truck, the others, with me!”
A spearhead. Typical. The assault cannon blazing down the right flank kept the rebel firing squads pinned. Accurate blaster shots picking off those who dared to leap between rocks. It was futile and only a matter of minutes then.

The smoke cleared. The shots drowned out from afar... Only the soft echoing, thunderous explosions were heard. That was their kind of silence. They were the 78th , born in warfare, raised in combat, aging in experience. It was then that they received a new mission. They were to be relieved of their post. The 42nd Armored would finish what they started and they were not pleased. A rescue mission? On Taris? All those months of fighting only to hand over the cleanup and glory to another team. Disgusting, they protested, outrageous. Though orders, as always require to be followed.

“Pack your gear. We're leaving in the morning.”
were the words of a disgruntled Captain, enforced by his lieutenant.

Saving Sith... Never a dull day.

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PostSubject: Re: About us:    Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:34 pm

Rescue gone wrong

The thick smell of swamp, pollution and death clogged the soldiers nostrils moments after their arrival upon the surface of the desolate planet called Taris. Disgusted and disgruntled faces, the morale was low for the 78th Infantry.
Another treacherous mud-pool. Knee deep, they pushed themselves forward, the eerie silence of Taris causing the whistling in their ears to be audible. Most even wished to hear explosions go off again... But the protest was in vain..
It took them but a few hours to locate the signal's strongest point, so they ventured within the dark and humid tunnels of the old sewers. The treacherous sewers.

If only they knew.. It started with a screech, a yell, flashes of blasterfire illuminating the tunnel, flashes of a few creatures, fast and nimble, darting off around the bending of the pipes.
“What -was- that?” asked a couple of voices.
“Looked like... I don't know, never seen that.” exclaimed Patch, the head medic of the 78th.
“Hold formation and advance. Watch for walls. Whatever crawls, shoot it.” was the echoing, familiar voice of Commander Helios. Standing commanding officer of the 78th. Sound judgement, the mere tone of his voice caused the fear to vanish off the troops' faces, raising their assault rifles to shoulder height as they continued down the path.

The company came to a halt. A big wall in front of them. A dead end. Impossible.
“They should be just beyond this... The signal is beeping louder then the wheezing of the whole company. Flinch! Up front!”
Soldiers moving aside, making way for the young Zabrak. It took only a nod to the wall for the sergeant to know what had to be done. Shifting his backpack, he'd take out a few explosive devices as Lieutenant Viendral and the commander instructed the unit to fall back and hug the wall.
Explosive specialist, quite. If only he knew the butterfly effect this would cause.

“Hit it.”

A loud explosion. A cloud of projected dust and debris flying past, echoing loudly through the vast tunnels. If only that was it. The echo grew louder, the whole ground was shaking. The blast had caused the already rusted and bent supports to crumble and fail.
“Inside! Get inside! Move it!” screamed Helios at the top of his lungs. So they ran through the hole. A whole batallion set in a bottleneck, it wasn't fast enough, rotating around the large room the blast revealed, rocks crumbling down the tunnel they came in. Screams as the soldiers shoved and pushed to get it, it ended with over half the unit to be crushed. They stood no chance. Only the cursing came up above the slowly dying rumble as the entry was shut off. The cursing being responded by a screech, long, high-pitched, icy. The blood freezing in their veins from the sheer sound.
“Weapons at the ready, men! Whatever comes through that passage gets shot!”

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PostSubject: Re: About us:    Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:38 pm

Friendly encounters

What seemed like hours were mere minutes, the thick, heavy silence echoing in the chamber, the smell causing more than a single man to lose all form of appetite. Blasters and rifles pointed at every direction. A perfect darkness, only broken by the aiming lasers and few still working gun-mounted flash-lights.

“Steady...” spoke the familiar voice of Commander Helios.
Echoing repeatedly over the vast surface they had no idea of. Long, dreadful seconds as terrified faces glanced around as if the shadow itself would swallow them whole.
“Steady....” was the word repeated once more, though this time, answered. Another, icy shriek filled the cavern.
“Here they come! Fire at will!” were the last spoken and audible words before the chamber lit up with blaster rifle. Flashes of skittering figures, hundreds of them, crawling over the walls, the ceiling, the floor approaching quickly on their prey.
Shuffling backwards to the cage. More and more as if they wished to be underneath it themselves, sheltered from the locust of monsters running at them.

One by one, soldiers fell with a scream of terror and pain, sliding down the darkness, gurgling their last breath, begging for their lives to ears who did not listen. Their hopes were dwindling. Their numbers decreasing while the creatures only multiplied.
“Fire in the hole!!” screamed a voice, as if from the top of his lungs, as if it was the first time he ever shouted it. Flinch, the demolitions expert, managed to gather his courage and focus upon a single target. A target which saved the 78th from complete destruction.
“My chains are -broken!-” roared a voice from inside the cage. Illuminating eight faces as the deep red Lightsaber ignited audibly. A male Zabrak, cloaked in rags of what looks like several pieces of armor sewed together leaping out of his confines, causing more than one monster to be torn down. It took but a moment for the Sith to step out, lightning shooting out of their hands, circling around the cage, striking down both troopers as monsters. Until they stopped. Finally hearing the screams - “Hold your fire! Hold your damned fire!”
The voice was not the same. It was the Lieutenant, kneeling down as his hand was raised. The Sith and remaining few soldiers gathering up around a man, on the floor, wounded, crippled. It became clear that Helios, their commander took as much heat as his friends.
Anger rose up quickly. Bold lieutenant, silly lieutenant, he turned in an overwhelming anger, yelling at the first Sith closest to him, his eyes flaring, fearless. His voice echoing through the cavern repeatedly, until..

A flash of light, the sound of an electric current piercing the man, yet lacking a scream. Glaring through the lights as the Sith responded calmly to the accusations thrown by their savior. Stopped by another one of their own, the lieutenant fell to a knee, only to hear the soft echoes around him.
“They're friendly. We need them to get out..” spoke a woman's voice, firm and wise.. One of the Sith, while another voice echoed vaguely. “You're in charge now.. Take it easy.”.

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