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 [C] File: 450-GT239 For Lor'sharia

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PostSubject: [C] File: 450-GT239 For Lor'sharia   Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:24 pm

File: 450-GT239

For you Lor’sharia Mardoll. From Lord Zerena Kerzeth.
The Kissai Caste, were and are a caste of Priests among the Sith. Known to study the nature of the Dark side of the Force and practice of ancient Sith magic, as well as Alchemy.
They are and were ruthless warriors, yet not as strong as the Massassi caste, still not to be underestimated despite their less seemingly physical strong appearance. They are intelligent and observant people.
When it comes to their actual traditions and rituals. I am not sure so how they are/were like Lor’sharia. As magic is a broad subject. I do know they knew how to make talismans, forcemasks and other very valuable skills, making them able to increase their own powers during rituals and the like.
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[C] File: 450-GT239 For Lor'sharia
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