Starwars roleplaying guild on the rp-pvp server, Lord Calypho.
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 Zworf Application

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PostSubject: Zworf Application   Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:40 pm

Name: Spencer Powell

Age: 25

Nationality: English

Where did you hear of Strikeforce Archon and what made you chose us as your guild?

I heard of the guild from Nathaniel, who is a very old friend whom i played WoW together with.

What are your other characters on Lord Calypho?

What is God-emoting?
It is using a /whatever emote that does not give the receiver the opportunity or chance for a comeback.

Give us an example of an emoted attack.
/Spencer roflpowns the whole of SWTOR and kills everyone

In-character information

IC Name: Zworf

Class: Bounty Hunter, Merc

Short character background:

Zworf is a simple Bounty Hunter who together with his brother Zworm will do any job possible to get credits.

Preferred IC contact for the in-game recruitment:

Would prefer if both Zworf and Zworm were contacted together for some contract by the guild and somehow become a kind of steady source of "hired killers".
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Zworf Application
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