Starwars roleplaying guild on the rp-pvp server, Lord Calypho.
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 Zworm Application

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PostSubject: Zworm Application   Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:43 pm

Name:Morten andersen



Where did you hear of Strikeforce Archon and what made you chose us as your guild? From a friend called Nathaniël.

What are your other characters on Lord Calypho? No only this oen for now ofc

What is God-emoting? It is when you make a emot that wont allow a fellow player to respont to the emote.

Give us an example of an emoted attack. /zworm killes all on the planet

In-character information

IC Name:Zworm


Short character background:bountyhunter and brother of Zworf

Preferred IC contact for the in-game recruitment: Preferred contact is the same as Zworf as we work together.
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Zworm Application
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