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 [E]The Political Arena: Event 1 (Empire)

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PostSubject: [E]The Political Arena: Event 1 (Empire)   Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:36 pm

((Throwing this in here as well as the community site incase any of you miss it, the same rules apply to the Archon as they do the other guilds, however random and social RP could be happening outside the meeting and it gives you all ample opportunity to interact with new people from different guilds and backgrounds. PROMOTE US *lashes* <3 <3 <3))


*Invitations in the form of letter, have been sent out in communica to known organisations of the Empire, and people of notable influence.*

"Dear Sir/Madam

Due to your notable influence and respect within the Empire and Imperial Relations you and/or your organisation has been invited to attend a meeting of representatives within the hallowed walls of our Capital City, on Dromund Kaas. It is within the walls of the Sith Sanctum that the meeting will take place for the evening. The meeting in itself is quite simple, it is in aims to bring the powerful and the elite together to discuss our situations within the War, within the Empire, and what this means for us as people. Of course given the criteria of who is invited we felt it only necessary to extend the hand of friendship to you. We hope that you can attend this meet, as it wold be beneficial to not only yourselves but to that of sustaining our great Empire.

Enclosed you will find the details of the meeting, as well as an invitation that must be presented forth to the guardsmen upon your arrival to gain entry to the meeting room.

We hope to see you their.

Lor'Sharia Mardoll.

Imperial Diplomatic Service

303rd Strikeforce Archon.*


Date: 23/2/2012

Time: 18:30 GMT

Place: Dromund Kaas, Sith Sanctum, Meeting/Board Room.


As said in the previous thread aboard the Looking For Roleplay section, each guild if they are wanting to participate may bring -one- representative to -speak- in the meeting that is to provided. Of course this representative may bring an entourage for security purposes, but only the speaker and -one- guard will be allowed entry in to the meeting room itself, the rest will have to wait outside. Which of course could generate RP in itself! So come along!

This initial meeting is going to be for introductory purposes, as in your character will introduce himself, his guild, and tell us each about what and who they are, what they want to achieve in the long term and short term, and what perhaps they think that the other representatives can do for -them-.

If those attending could just pop a little message on here to let me know in reguards to numbers that would be extremely helpful, I hope to see you all there! <3
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PostSubject: Feedback   Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:15 pm

Just a little heads up to say that I personally enjoyed the event, it was great to see all the different guilds coming in and getting ourselves known. Although as there were a lot of different speakers, the meeting seemed to drag more towards then end, waiting for each and every member to reply in turn got a little bit tedious.

It may be just because I played a role as security but it would have been nice for a small recess to have taken place just so that people could have mingled and walked about a bit, rather then a few select people standing still and talking. (Just a thought)

Over all a fun evening that got the ball rolling :-D

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PostSubject: Re: [E]The Political Arena: Event 1 (Empire)   Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:47 pm

Thank you once again Kitt for coming through, and that is a lovely idea.

In truth I didnt think it'd last the total of four hours. And I can imagine those who were spectating did get bored, recesses might be ideal if it is to go on so long next time!

Thank you once again <3
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PostSubject: Re: [E]The Political Arena: Event 1 (Empire)   Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:53 am

People seems to have truly enjoyed the meeting. I am also informing you now Lor'sharia that some names will be handed to us during tomorrow most likely of those people who oocly tried to spy through the thick wall from the room next to the meeting room. This information will be handed oocly over by Kathal or one of his officers. As this seems to have "caused" some problems.

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PostSubject: Re: [E]The Political Arena: Event 1 (Empire)   Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:53 am

I don't know what problems the spies could have caused. I know one, Sonea, who contacted me asking things RPed only capable of hearing small fragments without view, being in imperial uniform in the hall, which is inconspicuous.

As for the meeting, I seriously liked it, as Kitt said, maybe something for the "guards" in order to make it less of a drudgery? Perhaps have them stand at the door together that they can mingle too. Maybe less going back and forth and more strict to the point if you get what I mean?

I stood there explaining what we needed for the Political arena, only to be met by Sith ego without any actual progression on the topic. :p
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PostSubject: Re: [E]The Political Arena: Event 1 (Empire)   

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[E]The Political Arena: Event 1 (Empire)
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