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 [R] Sith buisness

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PostSubject: [R] Sith buisness   Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:28 pm

//This file is protected by a password, five firewalls, with an inbuilt self delete protocol if attempted hacked. //

File: 78-FL-209- GT

Dealing with Watcher Eleven.

For the plan on tracking Darth Resdon's ship movements W11 needs the schematics for the transmitter he is paid to hide, when its been built and are ready, the transmitter needs to be coded and fixed so that not even we will be able to triangulate, track its signal and find its location. It will transmit the signal to the other transmitters placed on various planets on the outer and inner rim.

* Darth Sidrath, W 11 is tasked to find out as much about this mans past and present as possible.

* Kissai, the Kissai is to be interrogated, presuaded regardless of affiliation with Darth Resdon to stay away from him. Death not desired, there are too few acient Sith around, but such a weapon is not found.. safe to be in the hands of the Crimson Flame. W 11 has his orders.

* Darth Resdon: Suspected of having joined the republic after his abduction. Under investigation.

* The Jester, datapad and messages written on them are to be handed to W 11.

* Current payment, deal including it can be increased: 25.000 credits. In additon exchange of information will be done, outside of whats mentioend here.

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[R] Sith buisness
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