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 Rumours about the Archon.

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PostSubject: Rumours about the Archon.    Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:50 pm

//Inside the bar on Dromund Kaas, a woman too drunk for her own good begins ranting... A mistake rarely made..She climbs up on the bar...//

"It has been a common known fact throughout the time, throughout the years that appearances are not always how they seem. There can be more hidden to any person, situation, mission that what can be heard, spoken of or seen with the keenest of eyes.

And like with most of those situations, when something is meant to be hidden, the effort to keep it hidden usually keeps the prying eyes and ears with little to work on.

Strangely enough few have questioned the need of the Strikeforce Archon to have Sith on board, after all it is nothing but a Strikeforce, surely their reasoning for this as they work under command of the Dark Council, like everyone else does in the end, be it military or not, they all end up in the end being nothing but puppeteer strings for the Council, serving our glorious empire. But why… Why would the Strikeforce need Sith on board? Having rules that states all members of the Three hundred and third Strikeforce Archon are to be treated with equal respect, depending on rank but not on force sensitivity? An odd rule… I would say. Why is there a second in command dealing with Sith matters, why does the Archon suddenly take off, without a trace? Why is it lead by a human of all things??? Seriously!

Why did the Archon take on board a woman supposedly starting up Political and War meetings, in the name of The Imperial Diplomatic Service? Training her in combat, a stuck up, brat of a noble? It does leave some questions does it not? IS IT NOT???"

The woman ranting is offered no reply by the people in the bar. Her ranting is too loud… Too loud for comfort.. And after the woman’s ranting fades out as she walks out of the bar on Dromund Kaas, the people inside soon enough hears a loud fading scream… Then they return to their talks and banter, clearly unaffected by the entire event. They are on Dromund Kaas after all.

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Rumours about the Archon.
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